Types of Fireworks

Ever since fireworks were invented by the Chinese, there have been a multitude of varieties created by pyrotechnics experts throughout the years. Below are some of the most common fireworks:

Firecrackers are basically a fused black powder packed in a tube. When lit, it produces loud noise.

Sparklers burn brightly for 30 seconds to a minute and give off sparks of light.

Cake is a type of firework which produces different sound and visual effects.

Fountains are a type of firework which shoots sparks several meters into the air.

Waterfalls are suspended and held by a rope and when lit, produce a big wall of light that resembles a waterfall.

Roman candles are a smaller version of the cake; the roman candle shoots balls of light in succession.

Aerial shells are shot in the air and bursts mid-flight. Patterns of colors are then created.

Safety notice: Fireworks should not be lit indoors, especially sparklers. A responsible adult should be present when handling and lighting fireworks.

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