Success Story: Salinas Detovar, Otilia S.

Success Story Salinas Detovar, Otilia S.

Otilia is one of our many successful and valued residents at Clearwater Nursing and Rehab! We are especially proud of her hard work in therapy. Otilia is now both a Covid-19 survivor and a breast cancer survivor! Amazing! She has applied herself diligently with the therapy department staff to return home. Otilia was evaluated and put on a treatment plan for Physical and Occupational Therapy for building her strength and endurance for her goal of returning home. The dedicated staff at Clearwater Nursing & Rehabilitation Center are helping her get back to her family including her granddaughter who Otilia describes as “my world.” She will be able to return to her church activities that means so much to her and be able to continue cooking which is one of her favorite things to do. We are so proud of you Otilia and we will miss your smiling face and encouraging friendly spirit! We are so in your recovery and survivorship. Clearwater Nursing & Rehabilitation Center is humbled and grateful we could be a sliver of hope and accomplishment for you in your success!!

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