Success Story – Roberta F.

Roberta F. came to Clearwater Nursing and Rehabilitation after spending days in the hospital with Covid-19. Prior to contracting Covid-19, Roberta lived alone and spent a lot of her time with family. When Roberta came to our facility, she was dependent with all care and was unable to stand, walk or even sit up on her own. On top of Covid-19, Roberta ended up with pneumonia and back in the hospital. Roberta received extensive therapy and nursing care during her stay here at Clearwater. After months of rehabilitation, Roberta was able to complete all cares independently and walk again. Through this tough time, Roberta maintained her motivation to get home and a positive spirit. Roberta spent much of her down time at the facility listening to Christian music, completing word finds, and reading the bible with her sister via telephone. We are so thankful to have been a part of Roberta’s story and wish her nothing but the best at home!

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