Success Story : Leila A.

Leila Anderson has a lot to celebrate! She worked with nursing staff during her restorative care program and throughout the day with all her activities. Nursing staff started to see an increase in Leila’s cognition level. Because of her increased cognition level, Leila, was able to work with therapy on a more intense program.

The therapy team and nursing team worked together to develop a program for Leila that had her not only meeting goals but exceeding them! She worked with the therapy team three times and week for 10 weeks.

She is now able to walk the halls of the nursing home without trouble and enjoy a normal diet! She is able to communicate with very little, or no assistance. The therapy and nursing team and Leila’s hard work have all paid off!

Therapy and nursing have developed a new restorative program to ensure Leila will continue to maintain her current level of functioning.

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