Success Story — Karen H.

Karen Hurley was a recent patient at Clearwater Nursing and Rehab following a short hospitalization for complications with diabetes. Karen is a 67-year-old female from the Clearwater community. She had difficulty with her balance, walking, and activity tolerance when she first arrived, requiring assistance to complete her normal tasks. Karen was evaluated and put on a treatment plan for Physical, Occupational, and Speech therapies to help her get back on her feet and prepare her for her discharge home. Karen worked very hard to get back to walking and transferring by herself. She also worked hard with therapy on her balance so she could complete her routine at home without added worries of falling. Her spouse, John, had been present for therapy sessions as well so he could help carry over everything that she had learned with therapy home. Following a couple of weeks of treatment, Karen had met her goals of being safe enough to return home. On behalf of all the staff at Clearwater, we are so proud of you, Karen! We’re so happy that we were able to help you to return home!

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