Success Story: Earnest ‘Earl’ W.

Earnest ‘Earl’ W. admitted to Clearwater Nursing and Rehab on 12/17/18 for rehab therapy and nursing services related to a recent Cervical fracture after multiple falls in his home.

Our nursing team and therapy team were able to design a specialized program to support Earl in his goal to return to home within 4 weeks. Nursing staff supported Earl with assistance in getting dressed, walking, and going to the bathroom. Therapy also support all of these needs as well Earl having difficulty with swallowing, that caused pneumonia. With all the trauma from his falls, he was also having problems with cognition and safety awareness.

With therapy 5 times weekly, nursing staff assistance and encouragement, and Earl’s drive to reach his goal of returning home, Earl was able to meet and exceed all of his goals within 3 weeks! He improved the distance he could walk, safety, balance, transfers, and swallowing. Earl was able to overcome his severe never pain and return home. We are very proud of all he accomplished and enjoyed helping him with his goals!

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