Success Story: Clifford C.

Clearwater Living Community Success Story Clifford C. sitting with three female staff members

Clifford is our Clearwater Living October Success Story. When Clifford joined Clearwater Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, his health journey was challenging; however, through the care he received and his participation in Encore’s Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy, Clifford regained his strength, balance and endurance so much that he is now able to return to his prior living status. His personal and therapy goals were achieved with high flying success and dedication. Clifford returns to reside with his wife and family. His stay with us was embraced and loved. Clifford states, “The staff are so professional and nice. Clearwater Nursing & Rehabilitation Center is great! I feel safe her and I wish I could tell everyone thank you for helping me.” We wish you the very best as you return to your home and family and Thank YOU Clifford for allowing us to be a part of your Success Story! Keep in touch with us!!

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