Success Story Clearwater Family – Staff and Residents:

Every month, we highlight and celebrate an individual resident who has made extraordinary progress toward health and well-being. We also celebrate the staff that worked with him or her to make such great strides.

This month we wanted to celebrate and thank the entire Clearwater family, residents and staff, who have bravely faced the Covid-19 crisis with grace and courage. The pandemic attacked our community with ferocity and we are grieving many who were lost. At the same time, we gratefully celebrate those who have sacrificed their health and safety serving each other, both residents and staff.

You will notice some pictures attached of some of our residents who have recovered from the virus. They were celebrating getting to go outside for a few moments for the first time in a while. You can see the smiles and relief on
their faces.

Words do not do justice to the debt of gratitude we feel to the staff who worked tirelessly and courageously to serve the residents in this time. And we celebrate the great attitudes and courage of the residents as they complied with restrictive measures and uncertainty in the face of terrifying circumstances. We also celebrate the tam iii es who were unable to come in the building yet found many creative ways to encourage family and staff anyway.

We will continue to celebrate individuals in the coming months. But this month is the most sincere appreciation to our entire Clearwater family who shined very brightly in a very dark moment.

Thank you everyone.

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