Success Story — Babette S.

Babette S., a 91-year-old female, was admitted to Clearwater Nursing and Rehab following a hospital stay for rhinovirus and bronchitis. Babette ‘Betty’ had become very weak with her illness and required assistance to get around. Betty needed assistance with transfers and was only able to walk limited distances with a standard walker. But as a result of the excellent care and therapy she received, Betty was discharged to home on 6/24/2019.

Betty received care from Physical, Occupational, and Speech therapies with goals to help her return home to her apartment. The patient’s rehabilitation treatment program consisted of the following skilled interventions: OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY: 5x/week x 4 weeks; PHYSICAL THERAPY: 5x/week x 4 weeks; SPEECH THERAPY: 5x/week x 4 weeks. Betty improved with her participation in treatment as she was able to walk unlimited distances with her 4-wheeled walker, transfer by herself, as well as perform all of her ADL’s without assist.

As part of her therapy, Betty did cleaning tasks; vacuuming, washing dishes, as well as sweeping the floors in the therapy room with grace and improved balance. Betty achieved 95.7% of her optimal level of functional independence! On behalf of the Clearwater community, we are so proud of you, and we are glad to be part of your success, Betty!

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