Short Term Therapy Success

June came to Clearwater Nursing & Rehabilitation Center (CNRC) following a bout of pneumonia. She was living at home at the time of her illness. After a short stay in our skilled facility she was able to return home. This is where I caught up with her a week after she left, to see how she was doing and to get her picture in her own home.

June was very thankful of the assistance she received at CNRC. She shared how everyone treated her nice and got her everything she needed, even a lamp to put beside her recliner for reading. She would recommend someone coming to CNRC for rehab. She spoke highly of the staff.

As we talked, what we kept coming back to was the services she is now utilizing. She stated she had learned about all the services available to her. As if on cue, while we were talking, David Sulzman, a nurse practitioner with Physician House Calls of Kansas arrived for a scheduled visit. Then, before I left, a therapist from Phoenix Home Health showed up.

Of all the things we do for residents who come to us for a rehab stay, making sure everything is in place when they return home cannot be undervalued. At Clearwater Nursing & Rehabilitation Center we work hard at building strong relationships with other health care providers to ensure when individuals who come to us for rehab services go home, they are going to be successful!

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