Short Term Therapy Success

Charles R. came to us from the hospital following as severe bout with an infection. He was weak from infection and lack of activity. From the very beginning, though, he had a positive outlook, always had a joke or wise crack to lighten the mood and put a smile on the faces of those around him. When he got here, he was confined to a wheelchair. He worked hard with therapy, always maintaining his positive attitude and determination to succeed. Through his hard work and positive attitude, he progressively improved and went from always using a wheelchair to walking with a walker with assistance, to walking with the walker independently. When it was determined he should not live alone, he stayed positive and with his family made arrangements. He rolled with the changes and stayed positive.

He made many new friends, especially the guys at the back table. With his ever present humor, he lightened the burden of everyone around him. Charles’ humor left an impact on staff, also. Thinking of his time here recovering; of his jokes, wise cracks, and positive spirit will bring a smile to the face every time. When it came time to leave, he shared with our Medicare nurse that he really loved this place and promised to come back and visit. We can’t wait.

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