Short-Term Success Stories: Ethel F.

Clearwater Community Resident Ethel F sitting in chair

When Ethel F. admitted to Clearwater Nursing and Rehab, she had a fractured left shoulder and was in a sling. Due to her condition, Ethel required assistance with all her mobility and activities of daily living. Ethel waited several months before she was finally able to have surgery to repair her fracture. After her surgery Ethel remained non-weight bearing for several weeks. She was evaluated by physical and occupational therapy where an individualized plan of care was written to help her regain her strength and return to her prior level of function. Throughout her recovery, Ethel kept a positive attitude and worked very diligently, five days a week, to meet her goals and regain her independence. Now days, Ethel is full weight bearing and has full functional use of her shoulder; She now is modified independent with all her mobility and activities of daily living around the facility. We are so proud of your progress Ethel!

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