Happy Birthday Wishes!

— Happy Birthday to our Residents Michael B. Rosella B. Donavan P. Vincent G. Welcome Andrea B. Laroon M. Roberta S. Larry L.

Host a Cookie Party on National Cookie Day: December 4

— The holidays are a great time to have a holiday cookie party or cookie swap with friends and family! A cookie swap party is a fun and easy way to try a lot of new cookies and collect new recipes with little effort. Ask at least six to 12 friends or family members (more the... Read More

Puzzle & Game Week

— Many of us have set traditions for Thanksgiving. Puzzle and Game Week is the perfect opportunity to begin a new tradition (and lessen screen time) by setting aside some time to play games each day– or as often as schedules allow. Let each generation choose a different game each day of the week. Be sure... Read More

Caring for Yourself When Caring for Another: Self-Care Isn’t Selfish

— You are a caregiver if you care for someone who needs help. Caregiving can be difficult despite the great sense of reward you may feel. To continue being a good caregiver, you need to take care of yourself. One way to do that is to make sure you have consistent breaks from your caregiving responsibilities,... Read More

Take Time To Get A Flu Vaccine

— Flu vaccines help to reduce the burden of flu illnesses, hospitalizations and deaths on the health care system each year. This season, all flu vaccines will be designed to protect against the four flu viruses that research indicates will be most common. Vaccination of people at higher risk of developing serious flu complications is especially... Read More

Take Your Pick– of all things Pickle!

— The word “pickle” comes from the German word pόkel, meaning salt or brine, which are two very important parts in the pickling process. Pickling dates back centuries and it has remained a steadfast method of preserving foods over a long period of time. Early settlers used this process to preserve foods, especially over the winter... Read More


— Assisted Living Highlights November 2nd Thanksgiving Door Hanger Craft November 4th Road Trip November 10th Kathryn Fisher Exercise November 11th Veteran Pinning with Kindred Hospice November 16th Rivercross Activity November 17th Phoenix Activity with Rocky Singing November 18th Beat of Life Exercise and Good Shepherd Activity November 19th Time with Tucker the talking Cockatoo Nursing... Read More

Happy Birthday!

— Happy Birthday to our wonderful residents! Judy B. Lola H. Donna G. Happy Birthday to our amazing staff! Jennifer M. Pam G. Welcome Ella H.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

— Breast cancer has always been a dreaded disease, but recently, with the increasing knowledge about cures and treatment, breast cancer can usually be treated if detected early detection. Research has shown by the age of 20 everyone should begin doing Breast Self Examination (BSE). This method is recommended as it is easy to do and... Read More

Train Your Brain Day on October 13

— We always hear about the health benefits of adding physical exercise into our daily routine, but what about exercising our brains? Keep your mind sharp by challenging yourself with brainteasers, trying new activities, and trivia. Here are some suggestions for staying sharp, or training your brain to get even sharper! Play online or download apps... Read More