Ice Cream Fun Facts

— Today’s average American consumes 23.2 quarts of ice cream per year, with the first ice cream parlor in America opening in 1776 in New York City. So, which countries like ice cream the most? The United States, New Zealand, Denmark, and Australia top the list. The favorite flavor is the classic vanilla. Then comes chocolate,... Read More

National Preparedness Month: Preparing For Disaster

— During this year’s hurricane and tornado season, here are some tips to help prepare for almost anything: First-aid kit, flashlight, whistle, matches, candles, radio with batteries, work gloves (supplies for at least a week) Nonperishable food such as granola bars and bottled water Pen and notebook An extra set of eye-glasses Copies of prescriptions, insurance... Read More

Success Story: Philip W.

— Philip W. came to Clearwater Nursing and Rehab on April 19th, 2018 after a long stay in the hospital. He was very weak and in need of therapy to build his strength back up and be able to return home. Philip was not able to transfer himself in and out of the wheelchair or propel... Read More

Letter from the Administrator

— Dear Residents and Families, I would like to introduce all of our new staff members: Bethany Ake – CNA Rebecca Hill – CNA Tara Miller – RN Tiffany Potter – LPN Kimberly Zindel – LPN Golden Cooper III – Village Director, RN Harlie Mumma – CAN We are very happy to have all these new... Read More

Activity Highlights

— September 1st: St. John’s Kids Here September 5th: Day Out September 6th: National Football Kick Off Day September 7th: Music With The Dawson’s September 11th: Lunch At The Senior Center September 14th: Trip To The State Fair September 18th: Lunch Bunch September 19th: Caramel Apples September 21st: Indoor Lunch Bunch & Music With Walter Colvert... Read More

Relaxation Techniques

— When stress becomes overwhelming, there are quick relaxation techniques you can do almost anywhere to make you feel better almost immediately. Try it out: Stretch out on your back or sit comfortable where you are. Tighten all the muscles in your toes, then flex your feet, and slowly move up through your body to your... Read More

Inspiring the Poet in You!

— People tend to think that to be a poet you must be one of those deep thinkers, but all of us can be poets if we have creativity! After all, poems are creations of our minds and our experiences. If you are still clueless and you think that you could never write a single poem,... Read More

What Can Bees Do For You?

— Thanks to bees, people can taste the sweetness of honey and enjoy the health benefits as well. Honey is a great source of nutrition. It contains many enzymes, vitamins, minerals and amino acids, as well as fructose, glucose, and water. Honey makes a good alternative to sugar in food and beverages. In addition, honey also... Read More

Several Ways To Improve Your Memory

— If you have trouble with memory and focus, the problem may not be directly related to your brain. Physical exercise has been shown to improve brain function significantly. Do 30 to 60 minutes of exercise per day and see if that doesn’t help clear up problems associated with a foggy brain. Getting plenty of exercise... Read More