Tips For Spring Cleaning

— If you are storing away your winter clothes, consider using large plastic storage containers that feature snap-on lids. Storage containers are very important to keeping your clothes free from fading and dust. When packing your clothes, roll them instead of folding. This not only eliminates creases and wrinkles, but also saves a lot of space.... Read More

St. Patrick’s Day

— In recent years, the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in Dublin, Ireland have extended to a week-long event called St. Patrick’s Festival, encompassing a spectacular fireworks display, open-air music, street theater and the traditional parade. Over one million people annually attend. As a part of the celebration, many attendees wear shamrocks on their lapels or caps... Read More

Pulmonary Rehabilitation Week

— March 11-17 is Pulmonary Rehabilitation Week, which was initiated by the American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation (AACVPR) to educate about the role of pulmonary rehabilitation in enhancing the quality of life of individuals with chronic lung disease. The 2018 theme, “Improving Life, One Breath at a Time,” honors individuals who struggle to overcome... Read More

Activity Highlights

— March 2nd – Dawson Music Group March 7th – Baking Club – Fruit Pizzas! March 9th – Fried Donuts March 11th – Daylight Saving Time March 13th – Lunch Bunch March 13th – March Madness Starts! March 16th – St. Patrick’s Party March 16th – Walter’s Piano Music March 21st – Baking Club – Mini... Read More

Letter from the Administrator

— January…February…now March! 2018 is picking up speed. Did you know that some of the heaviest snow storms in this area have happened in March? The only good thing about March snows is they don’t last as long when the weather turns around and warms up. I think we are all looking forward to spending more... Read More

Chinese New Year: 2018 The Year of the Dog

— Your Chinese Astrological Zodiac Animal Sign is based on your Chinese Lunar Year of Birth. The Chinese New Year varies and could start anywhere between January 21st and February 20th, depending upon the year. This year begins on February 16th. If your birthdate falls into any of these Chinese Lunar Years listed below, then you... Read More

Short Term Therapy Success

— Charles R. came to us from the hospital following as severe bout with an infection. He was weak from infection and lack of activity. From the very beginning, though, he had a positive outlook, always had a joke or wise crack to lighten the mood and put a smile on the faces of those around... Read More

Letter from the Administrator

— February is here, and it’s cold outside and then its warm outside and cold again. Apparently this is really good weather for the flu to spread. We are taking extra precautions in the facility to prevent or minimize the spread of flu. Anyone who is exhibiting flu like symptoms should avoid coming to the facility.... Read More

Help us Help You During this Flu Season

— The 2017/2018 Flu Season is already proving to be a challenge especially for the elderly. You can help us help you and our residents by being knowledgeable about Seasonal Flu. The following information is from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). Take Time to Get a Flu Vaccine CDC recommends a yearly flu... Read More