May 4: Star Wars Day

The Star Wars Universe was created in 1973 by George Lucas, who wanted to put a spin on the sci-fi movie genre by adding action, adventure, and romance.

Star Wars facts:

Three different actors played Darth Vader!

  1. Davis Prowse, at a height of 6’6,” is the man you see on screen.
  2. James Earl Jones is credited with the voice of Vader.
  3. Sebastian Shaw played Vader briefly when Luke unmasks him in return of the Jedi.

The late Carrie Fisher was only nineteen when she began her role as Princess Leia. In the movies, Leia is a senator, military general, and part of the Rebel Alliance. Fisher herself was fearless as well and would do many of her own stunts. In A New Hope, Luke and Leia swing over a chasm to safety. This scene was done with the actors and in one take!

Han Solo, played by Harrison Ford, is a talented pilot. Did you know that Harrison Ford is also a pilot in real life? He works with the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association to advocate for general aviation.

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