Letter from the Administrator

Dear Resident, Families and Friend,

I wanted to start by introducing myself. I am Kira Robinson, the new Administrator at Clearwater Nursing and Rehab and Clearwater Villages. I am very excited to join the team here in Clearwater and have the opportunity to interact with each and every one of.

I have worked in healthcare now for ten years. I started as a CNA and enjoyed being able to provide quality care to the residents while developing meaningful relationships with them. I have a strong background in QA. I have worked previously as an Administrator at Westview in Derby and at Halstead Health and Rehab. I have also worked the Staff Development Director at Kansas Christian Home.

I enjoy being able to provide compassionate care to elders through all that we do at the nursing home. I feel that we have a strong team, here at Clearwater, and am looking forward to leading them!

Our first focus is going to be on preparing all the staff for survey. We want to make sure that we are providing excellent care to all our residents. Heather Stapleton, Director of Nursing, and our other nursing staff have put together several trainings to help support this goal.

The survey process has changed for this year and we want ensure that all staff know what they will be asked and what is expected of them. The new process really focuses on Resident Centered Care and allowing the residents to make their own choices, be provided with information to make an informed choice, and to live their life as close to what it would have been at home.

I look forward to meeting all of you. Please feel free to come in or call me with any concerns you may have. I can be reached in the office at 620-584-2271 Monday through Friday or via email any time at


Kira Robinson, Administrator

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