Letter from the Administrator

May is here and the weather is finally getting warm. The cold of winter always makes me appreciate the warmth so much more. But then after a couple weeks of the warmth it gets downright miserably hot! But I guess that helps me appreciate the colder weather when it comes back around. As it has been said, if you don’t like the weather in Kansas, you only have to wait a few days or a week for something else to come along.

With the warmer weather comes the storms. While a Kansas thunderstorm can be exciting, it can also be dangerous. We all need to follow some basic cautions. First of all, always be prepared and observant of what the weather is doing. As I mentioned above things can change quickly. Do you have your tornado shelter location ready to go in minutes? How about flashlights and water? Important papers? And don’t forget the four legged friends when it comes to your sheltering spot. Is there room for everyone? Second, pay attention to the weather forecast. I like to ridicule the reliability of the weather forecast as much as anyone, but when it comes to thunderstorms and violent weather, they can often be quite accurate. And last of all, don’t put off responding when stormy weather is coming. It is obviously better to get ready early and then have time to watch and wait, especially when the alternative is getting caught in an unsafe situation. Take severe weather conditions seriously and be safe.

Be safe because there is so much to enjoy this month as we get out and enjoy the warmth together. I look forward to seeing many of you here this month.


Doug, Administrator

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