Letter from the Administrator

Recently we have had some positive changes happening at our communities. First, as everyone knows, Cornerstone Health Care Solutions out of Manhattan, KS. This has been a positive change for the community as we have a more local support system to help ensure our community can continue to provide excellent care for our residents.

One upgrade that has happened is new computers and monitors throughout the building. This will allow the staff to access information about residents with more ease and help ensure appropriate care is received and individualized for our residents. It will also allow us to communicate changes to all staff members about our residents. We are very excited to start using this new system!

Alan Johnston, RN is our interim Director of Nursing for the nursing home. She has been a part of the Cornerstone team for several years. She is a nurse and brings a lot of knowledge of systems and processes with her. We are working together to put in place a consistent staffing schedule. This will allow for continuity of care between all shifts and all days of the week. If you have any questions you can reach Alana in the office Mon- Thursday at 620-584-2271 or any time via email

Melissa Dodge, RN will be joining our team as the Assistant Director of Nursing. She was several years of experience as a nurse in various roles, most recently at a hospital. She worked at Clearwater Village as a med aide for 16 years and is very happy to be returning to the community in her new role. She can be reached in the office Monday – Friday at 620-584-2271 or via email

Heather Stapleton, RN is working with the Village staff to implement new things for the residents. Recently she was able to partner with Phoenix to update the beauty shop at the Assisted Living. The room is brighter, cleaner, and has a modern but homey feel! Stop by and see the improvements when you have time. The Village will be hosting a community Easter Egg Hunt this year. The residents are looking forward to seeing all the kids come and find eggs. Look for more information posted at the Village as the event gets closer.

We appreciate everyone continuing to trust your care and wellbeing to the staff at our community! If you have any questions please feel free to contact me by phone at 620-584-2271 or via email


Kira Robinson, LNHA

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