Letter from the Administrator

Happy New Year! I hope your Christmas and New Year were filled with joy.

Now it is time to get down to business again. Did you make a New Year’s resolution? It’s always good to have a goal to work towards, something to keep your mind on when daily life gets hard. According to the Huffington Post (Dec. 28, 2016) only 8% of people actually keep their resolutions. There are many reasons given for not sticking to resolutions, from setting too many resolutions or not setting realistic goals “to getting derailed by small failures.”

I guess this is where I should admit my 2018 resolution is the same as my 2017 resolution! Lose weight, get active, get healthy… sounds easy enough right? Now a year later I don’t weigh much less (maybe a little more) and am not any more active, maybe even less. But now I’m a year older, feel a few more aches and pains, and generally feel less fit. So how do I improve my odds this year? How do all of us make sure we are in that 8%? Or even better, how can we succeed and also help those around us succeed, thus expanding the 8%?

Back to the internet for answers… (the American Psychological Association) offers six tips:

  1. If your goal is losing weight, check…In other words, measure your progress.
  2. Start with a small goal that you can attain.
  3. Don’t try to do everything at once, change one behavior at a time.
  4. Talk about your goal, and your successes, with family and friends.
  5. Don’t be too hard on yourself; you will never be perfect.
  6. Ask for support.

So there you go. I wish all of you the best as we start into 2018 and may all of your 2018 New Year’s resolutions become your 2018 accomplishments.

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