Letter from the Administrator

Residents, families, and friends,

Some projects that we are continuing to work on currently include better fall management, meeting residents’ preferences on bathing times and frequencies as well as their waking and sleeping times. Utilizing a team approach to ensure all call lights are answered timely and all needs are met. These changes will help ensure everyone is continuing to receive quality care based off of their own unique needs and preferences.

We are continuing to work ensuring we have staff in all the key roles throughout the day to ensure all of the residents’ needs are being met. We have changed some of our hiring practices and are now able to hire people that will make a positive impact on our team. This takes time to find the right people but, rest assured that with a strong leadership team in place hiring ad retention have started to increase as well. We will all continue to ensure that all resident receive great care at all times from our staff.

As most of you know, I am expecting a little boy around August 21st. I plan to be out of the building for a couple of months during this time. If you need anything while I’m gone please contact Kelly Johnson for the nursing home by phone at 620-584-2271 or by email at or Heather Stapleton for the Village by phone at 620-584-2271 or by email at


Kira Robinson, Administrator Clearwater Community

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