Letter from the Administrator

Dear Residents and Families,

I would like to start by introducing our new team members:

  • Amy Duncan – CMA at the Village
  • Kelly Johnson – RN at the Nursing Home
  • Sara Allen – CNA at the Village
  • Denis Serkwi – CMA at the Nursing Home
  • Cassandra Hernandez – RN at the Nursing Home
  • Emma Ast – RN at the Nursing Home
  • Derrick Judkins, MBA – Director of Marketing
  • Phoebe Vincent – CMA at the Village

Please welcome them to our community when you see them!

With the new upon us, I am excited to celebrate some changes the team will be focusing on this quarter. We will be making some changes to our overall outcomes to quality care for our residents. We will have a focus on implementing process improvement teams to focus on delivering a higher level of quality care to the residents. The nursing team will be asking for all staff to join our various teams to help make these successful improvements for our residents and the community!

We also have a new team member, Kelvin, joining us at the end of January. He will work closely with Derrick to focus on steam lining the admission process and educating staff on proper protocols to support all the residents of our community.

Currently, Heather Stapleton, RN and I are helping to support the Village. We have had some changes in the leadership. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at 620-584-2271 or by email to or

Just as a reminder, we are currently in flu season. In order to keep all of our residents healthy, we would ask that you not visit while you are sick, coughing, running a fever, etc. If you must visit, please utilize the supplies by our front doors. We have everything you need to help stop the spread of any germs during this time. Our community thanks you for your help and consideration!


Kira Robinson, Administrator Clearwater Community

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