Letter from the Administrator

Dear Residents and Families,

I would like to introduce all of our new team members:

  • Neco Duval – CNA
  • Denise Lucero – CNA
  • Tanya Mendez – CNA
  • Amy Duncan – CMA
  • Kelly Johnson – RN
  • Sam Shultz – Maintenance

Please welcome them to our community when you see them!

Thank you to all the families and friends that came out to celebrate the Holidays with us. We enjoyed all the new memories that everyone made along with all the laughter and smiles that were brought to our residents and staff. Thank you for ensuring that all the residents had a great Christmas by blessing our community with gifts, caroling, treats and much needed smiles!

With it being a new year, we are planning to set some new goals to reach a higher level of care for all residents in our community. I look forward to working on a Quality Assurance and Process (QAPI) plan with all staff to make this happen. Some processes we will be working on are care plans, decreasing falls, and changes to our activity program for our memory care neighborhood. The team already does an amazing job caring for our residents, that I look forward to seeing them excel with these new projects as well!

Just as reminder, we are currently in flu season. In order to keep all of our residents healthy, we would ask that you not visit while you are sick, coughing, running a fever, etc. If you must visit, please utilize the supplies by our front doors. We have everything you need to help stop the spread of any germs during this time. Our community thanks you for your help and consideration!


Kira Robinson, Administrator

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