Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October 7, 2021 — Breast cancer has always been a dreaded disease, but recently, with the increasing knowledge about cures and treatment, breast cancer can usually be treated if detected early detection. Research has shown by the age of 20 everyone should begin doing Breast Self Examination (BSE). This method is recommended as it is easy to do and... Read More

Train Your Brain Day on October 13

October 7, 2021 — We always hear about the health benefits of adding physical exercise into our daily routine, but what about exercising our brains? Keep your mind sharp by challenging yourself with brainteasers, trying new activities, and trivia. Here are some suggestions for staying sharp, or training your brain to get even sharper! Play online or download apps... Read More

Wear Something Gaudy!

October 7, 2021 — Wear Something Gaudy Day was born in the 1970s when television’s Three’s Company character Larry Dallas (played by actor Richard Kline) displayed an excellent example of flashy, eccentric, over-the-top fashions. During the show’s run, Larry continued to wear zany, clashing colors, and outlandish outfits, creating a one-of-a-kind fashion icon! Another standout gaudy outfit from the... Read More

Halloween Craft

October 7, 2021 — Handprint Spiders: Apply black paint to your palm and four fingers leaving out the thumb. Place palm onto a piece of paper. Turn the paper 180o and print again making sure the palm overlaps. Add some googly eyes using either paint or stickers.

Try Meatless Mondays during Vegetarian Month

October 7, 2021 — The meatless meal movement initially began during World War I when meat was scarce and was revitalized during WWII, so more meat could be allocated to the war effort. This meatless meal idea was once again revived in the early 2000s as “Meatless Mondays,” a health-focused marketing campaign for the USDA. The campaign centered on... Read More

Life Enrichment Success Story

October 5, 2021 — Ethel F. is a resident that has blossomed in the Life Enhancement Program. She first came to us quiet, shy, and always in her room. With time and patients Ethel slowly came out for some events. With encouragement from all of our wonderful staff she is now in every activity and is highly involved in... Read More

Falls are not a normal part of aging— they can be prevented!

August 31, 2021 — All adults, aged 65 and over, are at risk for a fall. There are simple things all seniors can do to keep from falling and to stay independent longer. Talk to your healthcare providers Tell your physician, caregiver, or loved ones if you have fallen, if you feel unsteady when standing or walking, or if... Read More

Sepsis Awareness

August 31, 2021 — Sepsis is the body’s extreme response to an infection. It is a life-threatening medical emergency. Sepsis happens when an infection you already have triggers a chain reaction throughout your body. Without timely treatment, sepsis can rapidly lead to tissue damage, organ failure, or be fatal. Almost any type of infection can lead to sepsis. Infections... Read More

Video Games: Relaxing and Fun!

August 31, 2021 — Everyone knows that playing video games can be a lot of fun. However, have you ever considered it as a way to relieve stress? If not, you may want to invest in a gaming console along with a variety of games and start playing! Research has shown that playing video games for at least 15... Read More

Grandparents Day: September 12

August 31, 2021 — Marian McQuade first brainstormed the idea of honoring the elderly with a “Grandparents Day,” which later became a nationally recognized holiday in 1978. McQuade, the original founder of Grandparents Day, was the mother to 15 children, grandmother to 40, and great-grandmother to 15. Grandparents can have a profound effect on a child’s upbringing. Without the... Read More